1. facesofohiostate:

    What’s the weirdest thing you have done in campus?

    - Once a few friends of mine and I dressed up in full snow and ski gear and went skiing around campus. There was no snow in the ground. Than a friend of mine jumped in to Mirror Lake. 

    Another great dude

  2. facesofohiostate:

    What was the most memorable thing you have done at OSU? 

    - This was at OSU, but I applied on a whim to spend 2 months in Oman and Dubai. 

    What’s the craziest thing you have done there? 

    - I crossed a 12 lane highway on foot. Also, I got kicked out of Oman. I went about my business in Oman, completely unaccounted for. 

    Great dude.

  3. Prešeren Square at night.

  4. Outlook from Bled Castle.

  5. Walking in Ljubljana.


  6. tokyopoliceclub:

    We started Tokyo Police Club in high school and the very first song we wrote was “Happy Valentines Day”. It’s a rock song about a senior-year romance falling apart. We decided to re-record it this year and share it with you all. So here you go, an update of a classic. <3 

    Don’t forget, our brand new album “Forcefield” will be released March 25 - preorder it on iTunes here.

  7. We’re all broken on the inside. #lakeerie

  9. Whitewater in Idaho Springs.

  10. Horsetooth Rock.